Deep Exterior Wash, Tire, Rim, Barrel & Fender Wash, Window Cleaning & Shine, High Quality Exterior Wax, Tire Shine, Vacuum, Carpet & Seat Shampooing, Wipe Down Interior Vinyl, Trim, Plastics, Doors & Door Jams, Deep Interior Steam Clean of All Surfaces, Condition Leather


Everything that is included in the 'Standard' above plus an upgrade to our Ceramic Sealant, Interior UV/Stain Protectant & Glass Protective Coating: The sealant goes on your paint, headlights, taillights & rims and is made to last 6-8 months, while a standard wax lasts 1-2 months. The glass coating is top of the line for repelling water and giving you the best possible vision while driving. The interior coating is made to protect your leather, plastic and vinyl from staining or fading when anything is stained or spilled. This is a long term protective detail that will keep your vehicle looking and feeling new for months!

Platinum Program

"Effortlessly Keep Your Vehicle Looking Freshly Detailed 365 Days a Year Without Lifting a Finger by Joining Our Platinum Program"

Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you are unhappy with our services we will keep coming back out until you're satisfied. And... if you want we will actually pay for another detailer OF YOUR CHOICE to come back out and redo the work!

Our number one priority is our customers happiness and if this doesn't show you how dedicated we are to your happiness, I don't know what will!

-Bruce Bright Jr, Owner of Bright Mobile Detailing

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