Our Origin Story

In the spring of 2020 I was a junior in college at Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, AL. By around March, the COVID pandemic had abruptly kicked us out of school and sent everyone home months early with very limited job availability or information about the future. After about 3 days of sitting around my house, I decided that I couldn't do nothing for the whole summer.

I went down the street to the closest job I could find, which happened to be at a Domino's Pizza. I started to deliver pizzas everyday, all day while listening to podcasts, audio books or music. If you've ever delivered pizzas, you know that it is quite monotonous and non-stimulating work. Eventually, I was getting burnt out at Domino's and started to work less and less until I was barely working any shifts and eventually quit about a month before school started back.

One day, with all of this new free time I had, I decided to do a deep clean of my own car which it desperately needed. Realizing I already had most of the basic equipment at my house to do a decent job, the idea sparked in my head that I could probably get some neighbors to pay me to clean their cars by passing out some flyers. I thought, "let's give it a shot". That night I ordered 100 flyers from FedEx Office and they showed up at my house the next day. I went around the neighborhood sticking flyers in every mailbox within a few miles and I was able to secure my first 5-6 customers. Looking back, I think most just wanted to help out a college kid trying to make some money and I owe those first supporters a lot!

I rolled all of the income from the first few clients into better equipment and more flyers and continued to grow the customer base. Eventually, I got out of the flyer game and started investing in real marketing channels, top of the line equipment, employees, training, etc. Now, we offer a wide range of services from professional auto detailing all the way up to ceramic coating application that lasts years! We have over 500 happy customers and have detailed over 1000 vehicles! We are a company with humble beginnings, but we have a big vision for where this company can go. We're excited for the future and what it holds for Bright Mobile Detailing!

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